Introduction of plastic bag forming performance


Introduction of plastic bag forming performance

Corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation), chlorination, irradiation modification, glass fiber reinforcement. Low pressure polyethylene melting point, high rigidity, hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical properties and radiation resistance; High pressure polyethylene has good softness, elongation, impact strength and permeability. Uhmwpe has high impact strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance. Low pressure polyethylene is suitable for making corrosion resistant parts and insulation parts; High pressure polyethylene is suitable for making film, etc. Uhmwpe is suitable for making shock absorption, wear resistance and transmission parts. PE plastic bag is how to shape the performance?

1, crystallized material, small moisture absorption, do not need to be fully dry, liquidity is very good liquidity sensitive to pressure, molding time with high pressure injection, material temperature uniform, filling speed fast, full pressure protection. Direct gate should not be used to prevent uneven shrinkage and increase of internal stress. Pay attention to the choice of gate location to prevent shrinkage cavity and deformation.

2, heating time should not be too long, or decomposition will occur, burns.

3, shrinkage range and shrinkage value, obvious direction, easy to warp deformation. Cooling speed should be slow, mold with cold material hole, and cooling system.

4, soft plastic parts have shallow side grooves, can be forced out of mold.

5, melt may occur, should not contact with organic solvents, to prevent cracking.

The biggest advantage of PE plastic bags is that the protected products will not be polluted, corroded or scratched in the process of production, transportation, storage and use, so as to protect the original bright and shiny surface and improve the product quality and market competitiveness. PE plastic bag is made of LDPE particles by special blowing film mechanism. It is mainly used for maintaining objects. It can be used as a whole roll or cut into required size sheet or made into bubble bag. The bubbles have diameters of 5(vesicles), 10(medium vesicles) and 25(large vesicles)MM. Bubble pad can participate in antistatic agents made of antistatic, color for the pink.

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